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Email: t h e g i g g a l l e r y @ y a h o o d o t c o m
Phone: 804 380 5768
Address: 6800 Hanover Ave, Richmond, VA 23221

Site Content

How can I get my poster or music news published on your site?
Simply contact me with a brief press release and an image. For music news, it will be helpful for you to submit an audio file, as I will not mention a band on the site without first having heard them. I cannot guarantee that every story will get published, but if I believe it is newsworthy, I will make sure it gets onto the site.

I'd like to sell my posters on your site. How does that work?
There are basically two ways to work this out: 1) I can place a wholesale order with you. Depending on The Gig Gallery's current financial situation, I may or may not be able to purchase prints. If not, 2) we can work out a consignment deal, where I would offer the posters for sale on the site then send you a check if and when any of your posters sell. If you agree to a consignment deal, your posters are always available to you, and if you happen to sell one that you don't have in stock, I will be happy to ship it for you.

How can I advertise on your site?
The advertisements you see on the site are pulled randomly from a database of image files that have been submitted by advertisers. If you would like to advertise, simply send me an image (200 x 70 pixels) along with the URL you would like the ad to direct customers towards. Ad rates vary based on how much exposure you want to have. We can discuss options.


How long will it take my package to arrive?
I ship packages at least once a week via United States Postal Service Parcel Post or Priority Mail, so you can expect to receive your order within 3-4 days at best, 2 weeks at most. If you need to receive your order faster, please contact me *before* placing your order, and we'll figure it out. International customers can expect packages within 2-4 weeks.

How are shipping charges calculated?
Most poster tubes cost about the same to mail, so your shipping charges are based on that base price, plus an estimated charge for insuring your order.

Are other shipping options available?
Yes. Please contact me before placing your order.

Is insurance included in the shipping charges?
If inventory is low on the prints that you've ordered, I will insure your order for the amount of purchase plus shipping. If I have enough inventory to replace your order should something happen in shipping, I will replace it and refund the return shipping charges.

How will my order be packaged?
I package all orders with the utmost care for preserving their condition. Most orders are rolled carefully in kraft paper and shipped in a sturdy tube, usually Yazoo Mills. Smaller prints and some other items may be shipped flat. Rest assured that creasing will not be an issue.

How do you ship framed pieces?
All framed pieces are wrapped securely in several layers of padding, placed in a sturdy, reinforced box and shipped via USPS Parcel Post. Insurance is included in the shipping charge.

My order is damaged. What do I do now?
Email me
ASAP and let me know. I'll ask you to return it and either refund your money or send you a replacement.


How do you set the prices for your posters?
Like most of the people who will shop at The Gig Gallery, I am a collector. Prices for many of the prints I have for sale are based on my cost, but some pieces may be priced based on what I perceive to be their long-term value, and a few of the prints on the site are priced according to the "everyman has his price" method. These are prints that I have a special affinity for, but that I'd be willing to let go at the price set.

Are discounts available for the purchase of multiple pieces?
Unfortunately, the structure of the store doesn't allow for me to set discounts of any kind, but if you'd like to work out a deal, please email me and I'm sure we can work something out.

Product Availability

Can I buy more than one?

It depends on the product.  Some items are set up with a purchase limiit (usually 2 or 4), some must be purchased one at a time (so you can buy more than one, but you have to add them to your cart one at a time), and some are available in "unlimited" quanity (whoops!).  If you have to go through PayPal checkout for each item, let me know, and I'll refund the extra shipping charges.  If you have any issues with the store, please email me about it.

The site says the poster I want to buy is sold out. Do you have any more available?
Usually no, but email me if you want to ask.

The site says the poster I want to buy is sold out. Will you be getting any more?
Possibly. If not, I'm glad to help you find what you're looking for. Again, email me.

Why is there still a purchase button when the print is sold out?
Probably because I haven't updated the site in a few days. Actually, I'd appreciate it if you could email me and remind me to get off my lazy keister.

You don't have the poster I'm looking for. Can you get it?
I can certainly try. Email me.



I'm an artist, musician, promoter, manager or something.  What can The Gig Gallery do for me?
The Gig Gallery provides a wide variety of services to music and art industry professionals and appreciators.  Visit the services page to learn more, or email us if you have a specific question.


I'm an artist, and I've created a poster for a show. How can I get it published?
If you're interested in publishing a poster through The Gig Gallery, please contact me and we can discuss possibilities. The major hurdle in getting a poster published is getting band approval. I can help you get in touch with a band's or venue's management, and if they approve it, we can go from there. Publishing deals can be structured in many different ways, but I generally offer to pay for all or part of the printing costs in exchange for some portion of the print edition to sell on the site. If you want to publish an art print, please contact me and submit an image. If I think I can sell a print of the image, we can discuss splits and costs.


What condition is this poster in?
All posters are in mint or near mint condition unless otherwise noted. If when I pull your order, I find that any part of it is not in M/NM condition, I will let you know *before* I ship and generally give you the option of a discount or a full refund.

Can you hold something for me?
Maybe. It doesn't hurt to ask.

I see you sell framed posters. Do you do framing?
Yes. My day job is actually as the Virginia regional manager for Frame Warehouse, a retail framing company based in Charlotte with stores all over SC, NC and VA. If you're in the area, come see us. If you're not and you're still curious, contact me and we can probably work something out.

When your posters aren't rolled up in tubes ready to be shipped, how are they stored?
All my inventory is kept flat in an acid free, smoke free environment.